Home Ownership vs. Assisted Living Homes for Seniors

Choosing Where to Live in Retirement: A Crucial Decision

Are you worried about how housing costs will eat into your retirement savings? Whether you rent or own, this decision significantly impacts your budget. The ups and downs of the housing market, the sudden costs of fixing a leaky roof, or high insurance deductibles are making many seniors second-guess the idea of home ownership.

It’s possible to enjoy your retirement without the burden of home maintenance. You can even have more freedom to live as you please. Renting in a Wildwood senior living community or senior housing near you could offer flexibility and ease.

Deciding on the best housing option is more than just a financial calculation—it’s about choosing a retirement lifestyle that fits you best. We can help you weigh the benefits of less responsibility and more freedom against the traditional goal of home ownership.

Harrison of Wildwood | Assisted living residents
Do you love gardening but don’t want to deal with the hassles of maintaining an entire yard? Consider renting a senior apartment at Harrison of Wildwood.

The Risks of Owning Independent Housing for Seniors

Many seniors prefer the familiarity of their homes, but owning independent housing can come with several challenges as we age. This choice might not always be the most practical option for seniors.

Maintenance and Repairs

Keeping up with home maintenance can become physically demanding as people age. Basic tasks like changing a lightbulb or fixing a leaky faucet can become challenging.

Accessibility Issues

Many homes are not designed with seniors in mind, lacking features like handrails or wheelchair ramps, making home mobility difficult.

Financial Strain

Property taxes, utility bills, and unexpected repair costs can strain a fixed income, especially for retirees living on a pension or Social Security.

Risk Concerns

Seniors may worry about home security, especially when they live alone. They may also be at greater risk for falls and other accidents, which can have serious consequences.


Seniors who live alone in suburban or rural areas may feel isolated, especially if they have limited mobility or lack access to transportation.

Yard Work

Maintaining a yard can be physically demanding for adults. Mowing the lawn and keeping gutters clear can be particularly challenging for older adults.


Going to second floors and basements can be difficult, dangerous, or impossible for seniors with mobility issues.

Home Modifications

As seniors age, they may need to modify their homes to accommodate changing needs. Examples include installing grab bars or widening doorways for wheelchair access.

Insurance Cost

Home insurance premiums can increase with older homes, especially when homeowners make claims for repairs or renovations.

Is it Time to Consider Downsizing?

Selling a family home can be emotionally challenging for seniors who have lived in the same house for many years. However, maintaining it can also be a hassle as they age. Downsizing can offer a fresh start, freeing seniors from the burden of upkeep. It allows them to create new memories in a more manageable space. They can live in a community with peers, reducing isolation and increasing safety with accessible living options designed for their needs.

Renting Senior Homes Fosters Independence

Discovering the benefits of assisted living senior homes can be a revelation for many retirees and their families.

In these vibrant communities, assistance with the activities of everyday living—such as bathing, dressing, and meal preparation—transforms the aging experience. These tasks can become significant obstacles that prevent seniors from enjoying the independence and quality of life they deserve.

Homes for assisted living are not merely about receiving medical care. These communities offer a helping hand in those areas of life that have become too challenging to manage alone.

The benefits of renting in retirement are considerable. Imagine liberating yourself from the endless cycle of home maintenance. No more weekends have to be spent fixing a leaky faucet or worrying about roof repairs after a storm.

Instead, your time is reclaimed, allowing you to engage in a lifestyle rich with new friendships and activities. Wildwood senior living communities are teeming with opportunities to explore hobbies, participate in fitness classes, and enjoy social gatherings.

The move to an assisted living community offers:

  • Freedom from maintenance chores
  • A vibrant social life filled with friends and activities
  • Continuous access to a personalized level of care and support
  • Peace of mind knowing your living environment is designed with your well-being in mind

Comparing Houses for Sale in Wildwood, Florida vs. Senior Residence Living

Buying a home in Wildwood, FL, in 2024 might cost around $365,000 on average. But there’s another option. You could live in an all-inclusive assisted living community.

Assisted living can offer a lot more with a more reasonable price tag. According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey, the average cost of an assisted living facility in Wildwood is less than $4,000 per month.

The Harrison of Wildwood is a beacon of what senior residence living can offer. Our community provides a comfortable, convenient alternative to a traditional house for senior citizens.

Freedom from Maintenance Chores

At The Harrison of Wildwood, we understand that retirees should enjoy life without being bogged down by household maintenance. Our residents enjoy the freedom from everyday chores that homeownership demands. Whether it’s landscaping, repairs, or general upkeep, our dedicated team handles it all, allowing our residents to focus on living their best lives.

A Vibrant Social Life Filled with Friends and Activities

One of the most cherished aspects of life in our community is the vibrant social atmosphere. Unlike the isolation some experience in private residences, The Harrison of Wildwood is buzzing with energy and camaraderie. With a calendar brimming with activities, classes, and events, residents find it easy to forge new friendships and nurture interests.

Continuous Access to a Personalized Level of Care and Support

Understanding that each resident’s needs are unique, we offer personalized levels of assisted living and memory care support.

Whether it’s assistance with daily activities or more specialized medical care, our professional team provides the highest level of service, including Extended Congregate Care (ECC). This approach ensures every individual receives the proper support while maintaining independence.

Peace of Mind Knowing That Your Living Environment Prioritizes Your Well-Being

The Harrison of Wildwood residents and family members benefit from unparalleled peace of mind. Every aspect of our community is thoughtfully designed, from the architecture to the amenities. This meticulous attention to detail ensures a comfortable, engaging environment, allowing you to rest easy, knowing you’ve made the right choice.

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Live independently and say goodbye to the hassles of home ownership at The Harrison of Wildwood. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our exceptional community.

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All-Inclusive Memory Care at Great Rates!

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Give your loved one access to personalized memory care in our Pathways Program
starting at only $3,895.

Fill out the form to claim this incredible value!

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